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How We can help You

You've got some great ideas? 

  • because making your own home made products is a really satisfying hobby.
  • you want to know exactly what's going into the products you put on your skin.
You want to have a go but aren't sure where to start?
  • does it all seems a bit complicated and overwhelming.
  • what are the most popular ingredients and can I be sure they are of good quality.

You're already in business and want a competitive and reliable supplier?

  • we fully understand that prices are important which is why we aim to keep ours as low as possible.
  • we pride ourselves on a superfast turnaround - order before 2pm (Monday to Friday) and we will despatch your order.  With Express shipping you can order up until 3pm and the order will be with you the next working day by noon.
  • to be competitive and reliable we have to have low costs ourselves which is why we have a fully automated warehouse management system and can pick and pack your orders with speed and accuracy.

Don't worry as that's exactly where we can help.

Here at Just a Soap, we've been in the position of not knowing our clear from opaque, our SLS from our SLES, our pigments from our dyes.

But, we do now (it's taken us over 10 years) and so we're in a good position to help you all the way.  We've overheated the soap, used the fragrance oils with vanillin, added too much butter and so we're pretty sure we can help you get the best out of all the ingredients we have.

We'll help you find the perfect ingredients so you can create the best products and not have to worry about anything else along the way.  

Through our online shop, our aim is to give you the ingredients and guidance so you can create your own goodies and actually enjoy it.

You're the creative one - so what are you waiting for!


ps - to read even more about Just a Soap and some of our history - then CLICK HERE.