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Let us help you to Make Your Own Soap & Candles

Here at Just a Soap, we help you (whether you're a beginner or an expert) choose the finest ingredients to make your very own, natural beauty products.

From soaps to candles, from lip balms to bath salts, we can guide you through the choices by explaining our ingredients in a straightforward way so you can decide, with confidence, what is right for you.

Make something special knowing exactly what's in it and move away from mass produced products to create your own individual unique goodies.

We source every item to ensure you can create the perfect product that will be impossible to imitate. We have the equipment, the instructions, the moulds and the fragrances to make your products completely unique.

It's easy to order on line.  Then just wait for your order to arrive at your door.

What are you going to make?

If this is what you're thinking right now - 

  • I'd really like to try this soap making thing but I don't know where to start - START WITH THE TECHNICAL BLOG 
  • I love scented candles and they seem so easy to make (believe me - they are) - TRY THE CANDLE MAKING SECTION
  • I already know what I'm doing and just want to buy my ingredients - JUST GO SHOPPING